Mod is nearly 20!

It’s mod’s birthday on the 5th of August, which is really soon! ;A;

I’m having a party on the 4th to celebrate! :3 Hopefully all of my friends can make it!

Please, if you request NSFW commissions then DO NOT lie to me about your age. I cannot distribute pornographic images to individuals younger than 18 in America and 16 in Britain etc.

If you are dishonest with me about your age, you can get ME into a lot of trouble. No amount of money is worth being in trouble with the law. I don’t care if your friends or other artists have accepted NSFW commissions from you. I am not willing to take that risk.

Thank you.



To the Canterlot Train Station! Always a good place to find interesting ponies to stalk!

(Yes! I am back! And you know why?)

(I’m doing a crossover.)

(With asksinderskull.)

(Fuck yes.)

(Also, tried something new with how his voice changes, more gradual than usual. Red ‘chiller’ text means voice is very unhinged, black ‘Bradley’ (don’t know don’t care) text means voice is smooth and calm.)

(Any way, enough mod talk! On with the show!)

This is gonna be fun!

your new hair looks amazing

Aww thank you so much!

Mods new hair! <3


ScytheGaming Giveaway!

Prize: Two wigs of your choice from the pictures above!


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This is a giveaway for my followers

☆ Reblog this as many times as you would like (1 reblog = 1 entry)

☆ Likes and giveaway blogs do not count, although feel free to life for future reference!

☆ Do not delete the text

1 winner will be selected via

ENDS August 24th

The winner will be given 24 hours to reply. If there’s no reply, a new winner will be chosen.

This is open to all countries

Please do not delete the text here

☆ Good luck!;; ☆

☆ ☆EDIT ☆ ☆ Feel free to message me if you have any questions

I&#8217;m super hyped for this. I hope you all enjoy Chapter 3!_____________________________________________________

I’m super hyped for this. I hope you all enjoy Chapter 3!


Finally, after long last, a PONY POST! I know it’s small, but ask-atramentous-pinkamena has got a few outfits planned out that Violet will be able to respond to.


Also, the next chapter of SinderSkull’s adventure is planned and ready to start! This will be a collaboration between myself and the mod of ask-straight-razor! I hope my fellow followers are ready for Chapter 3!

This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at leased 10 of your favorite followers and remember don't break the chain (◕‿◕✿)

I’m not a fan of chains, but I’m so glad this isn’t a threatening one like; “Pass this on to X amount of people or X will happen”, Those things actually terrify me, especially anything to do with ‘Smile Dog’

Here’s the human Pinkamena Sketch request by ask-atramentous-pinkamena! I hope you like it! :3